Wet or Washed Process

How ?

To create mild coffee beans, the cherries might be pulped off and the beans squeezed out of the cherries.

Thenceforth, after being washed for a first time, they are bathed for days, to separate dense heavy beans from light ones.

Washed again to ensure that the entire mucilage and pulp have been taken away, they are thereafter dried on sunbeds before sorting.


What ?

A very smooth character in a smoky atmosphere… Very delicate and almost ethereal, our washed process may easily be compared to a fire crackling underneath dead leaves in autumn.

First aromas, full of smoke and tobacco, afterwards let hidden fragrances a subtle way out. Then you can discover a whole world of green, lively and fresh smells. And, through your smelling walk in the garden, you will taste earthy and vegetal flavours, like straw, tea or cedar.

In a word, you will be brought into an exuberant and luxuriant kitchen garden thanks to a simple cup of coffee. What else?

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