Natural Process

How ?

The cherries are quickly spread over sunbeds after picking. They are laid for one month and regularly raked over. They slowly turn dark and dry as they are drying.

Once dried, they can be hulled using a centrifuge machine that shatters them.

After that, they are graded and sorted out, and then stored, waiting for roasting.


What ?

Before brewing, if you want to smell the fragrances of our freshly ground dry process beans, you will be first struck by a somehow robust and elusive metallic scent of pepper which comes out of a sweet and toasty background of roasted pineapples.

This paradoxical bouquet is simply resolved after brewing thanks to the vivid and elegant aroma of lemon. It combines in itself the metallic acid pepper along with the deep finesse of pineapple.

Afterwards, a voluptuous taste of dark chocolate, directly roasted from the cocoa beans, mixes up with toasted caramelised peanuts. This fusion gives a plain feeling in the mouth, strengthened by a thick body and a very long aftertaste.

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