Gold Honey Process

How ?

Collecting only ripe cherries, neither overripe nor unripe ones, finally sanctions a perfectly balanced coffee.

Then cherries are pulped off to just let a very fine and tender skin, called parchment. Laid out on drying tables, they are raked over twice a day to finalise the pulping-off and equalise the drying.

Once the proper moisture rate reached, they are gathered and stocked, waiting for their final sorting out, according to size, density, and defects-clearness.

Lastly, a right roasting will transform the green beans into the most aromatic and delicious espresso or latte you may have ever tasted.


What ?

The first encounter with our freshly ground honey beans reveals a world of spices and caramel, where thyme and coriander face caramel and dark chocolate in a fragrances bouquet that rejoices every noses.

Once dripped, volatile fruity and leguminous scents may be smelt. Fresh and airy apple and cucumber open a way to deeper and more pervading honey and butter aromas.

And then comes the essential first sip. Apricot and strawberry flavours make it very sweet, and allow it to be vigorous without being acidulous. The long roasted-peanuts aftertaste follows a well-balanced body and delights the palate long after the cupping.

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