our Activities

Our actions

“Integral ecology”: the wider our apprehension of reality, the closer of the truth it is.

What we give to Nature, it gives us back, multiplied by a hundred.

A person…

Education system

  • High school and university attendance of our young people thanks to our homes
  • Specific training for baristas
  • Local non-formal education place, with the Thai correspondent authority???

… into a family

We don’t do anything particular, but regarding families as basic cells of society.
I.e., we encourage strong relationships within our families.

… into a community

Social relations:

  • Rehabilitation centre for drug-addict people (welcoming 40 young adults)
  • Weekly Events organisation for local elderly people (in Doithong, with a regular 50 people attendance)
  • Local radio station (in Karen???)

… into a culture

Preservation of the Karen culture:

  • Reception of foreign groups (from Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, France, South Africa, Australia, etc.) in our villages, to proudly and freely show them our music, dances, and our thorough way of life.
  • Karen music teaching in village schools.

… into nature

  • Agro-ecology, promoted by shade-needing plants.
  • Preservation of the bio-diversity with multi-crops rotations.

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