Cupping sessions and sorting beans

In spite of a very hot weather, we  continue to work hardly in order to produce an extraordinary coffe.

Cupping sessions to reach the best for you are realized every day. During these moments we test some parameters with a view to find the best of our beans.  This long suffering work is a crucial step in our reflexion to improve quality. This last is our most imperative involvement to develop Life Coffee.



Cupping session

Hot temperature


Taiwan and China at CLUMP

For 3 days, a group of 10 Taiwanese people had been discovering CLUMP. They shared a lot of joy with our young people during the day and particularly at lunch time. After having visited the House of compassion, they went in the mountains to discover our typical life in one of our Karen’s village.

On Monday, they discovered all of coffee secrets, with a visit at the coffee factory and a cupping session in our beautiful cupping room. Teacher Lee, just come back from Taiwan, could share all of his experiences about coffee and its various tastes.

Today, we were very proud to receive a delegation from Hunan Institute of Science and Technology, China. Mr Yu Sanding (President), Miss Chen Yu (Director of international exchange department), Miss Xu Xiaoli (Director of teaching affairs office) and Mr Yang Houjun (Dean of school of Chinese language and literature). After having presented CLUMP and its operation model, Mr Sanding offered to Brother Anurak – responsible of the CLUMP foundation – a painting and the medal of Hunan Institute of Science and Technology. This is a real proof of friendship we will carry on for long time.