our History

From the earth to the sky…

The Karen people has been struggling for years for its uniqueness to be recognised. Taking arms against the military burmese government, or opposing a mainstream development in Thailand that would definitely drive them towards proletarianisation.

_DSC0006Instead of this dreadful alternative, a third way is possible. It is to bring forward our remarkable history of harmony and cohesion with our land, mountainous and shaded by a wonderful rainforest. This unity gives birth to products that until now were unfortunately kept for ourselves, and not shared.

Therefore, the project of our Foundation is to bring to the world the best of our culture and to bring back from this journey the best of each culture, in a mutual enrichment.

Brother Anurak, of the congregation of St Gabriel, former director of the prestigious Montfort College in Chiang Mai, Phi Jaroon and two other Karen farmers, decided to create the CLUMP Foundation in 2004.


Originally a small communities of families, aiming at planting high-value crops (e.g. strawberry and onions) and mutualasing their means, it soon became a widespread community with a pacy internal development.

  • Indeed, the first center was built in 2004 in Doithong.
  • in 2010, a new center for university attendants was built in Hang Dong,
  • in 2011, another one in Mae Hong Son, for remote students,
  • and, in 2012, the House of Compassion, a rehabilitation center for drug-addicts.


And in parallel, economic activities settled themselves around the production of coffee, from the first coffee trees planted in 2010, the first harvest in 2013, along with the construction of a first mill, to, finally, a new factory to process our coffee, to cup it, and to make our own R&D, currently under construction and hoped to be operative for the 2016 coffee season, next November.

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